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What operating system do I need to run TRADESBase ?

TRADESBase used as a single branch application will run on any computer with an operating system running either Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Windows XP (SP2) or Small Business Server.. If you intend to use the TRADESBase as a multi branch application then please refer to this link for PC requirements.

Is there an online version of TRADESBase

You have the option to run TRADESBase from the cloud, this means that virtually any device, iphone, Android, Mac or PC can access your TRADESBase.

Find out more about the 'Cloud' here

What is the difference in versions of TRADESBase ? Can I network TRADESBase ?

Yes you can, you can network as a LAN either from the start or later on - whichever way, its ready when you are and networking at a later stage does not interfere with any data already entered. Depending on how you are going to network you might need an additional user license. Broadly speaking if you want to use it fully on more than 1 PC then you are going to need this additional licence. See the networking page TRADESBase can also be used as a multi-- site application, connecting all your branches into one system. Please see the question below

Can I use TRADESBase has a multi-- branch application?

Yes you can. However the PC requirements are different for a multi-- branch application. You will also require a multi branch licence.

Do I need an internet connection to use TRADESBase?

No you do not, TRADESBase is a totally standalone system that does not require any connection to the Internet. The only exception to this is if you want to use the SMS text facilities which do require an internet connection or you want to use TRADESBase as a multi-- branch application.

How long have you been around?

We have been designing Business Management systems for over 15 years. TRADESBase V3.1 was initially launched in the UK in 2004. By purchasing TRADESBase you can be sure that you are in 'safe hands' joining a substantial number of businesses using our systems..

My Country My Currency My Tax?

TRADESBase will work in every English speaking country. The currency that TRADESBase uses is set by your own computer in regional settings (this currency will then be displayed on the invoices that TRADESBase produces). Other areas of the software allow the user to enter their own regional wordings. We have users in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, USA, Malaysia, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Greece, Cyprus and 1 user in The Falkland Islands. Support for overseas users is the same. If you'd like to see this in action then send us an email or call us and we can show you how it works. We have incorporated 3 sales tax bands which you can rename to suit your country and adjust the tax rates accordingly.

Where can I get help from if I get stuck?

Once you have purchased TRADESBase you have 60 days free 24 /7 telephone support. Support in this period can be either via telephone or email whichever you prefer and is free of charge. Our support number is a normal rate phone line and you can call it whenever you want.

TRADESBase has been designed for installation by businesses installing a computer normally for the first time. With this in mind we have a simple set up procedure that involves nothing more than following plain language instructions. Part of our service to you involves helping at any level and stage with TRADESBase. We want you to find TRADESBase easy to install, easy to use and a great time saver for you.

After the initial 60 day period you can opt to take out an annual support package. Support packages are optional and we offer users a 'gold' package which includes unlimited telephone, email and remote access support with free upgrades.

Why use TRADESBase?

TRADESBase is the solution for many small to medium sized businesses. Easy to use, easy to install, visually easy to view and navigate around; unlike older software, TRADESBase uses simple push buttons to move from screen to screen. You should be confident in using TRADESBase in a very short time and it comes with a practice version - so you can learn before you go live.

I'm not sure what computer system to install?

The quick answer to this is to phone us or a BASETrack Partner in your area for advice before you purchase a system.

Some businesses spend more money than they maybe need to when buying a computer. TRADESBase will run on any entry level PC, you will not see much difference in performance when using TRADESBase between an entry level PC and a top of the range PC. Please note if you intend to use your PC for other applications such as CAD design or graphics then this might require you to use a PC with a higher specification. The reliability of your PC is more important than speed.

When is the right time to install a computer system?

As soon as possible of course! With your new computer installed with TRADESBase, this will serve you for many many years to come. Installing a computer system will not be as bad as you think and within a short time you will wonder why you hadn't installed one sooner! The total cost of ownership is a minimal amount compared to the time and money saved, together with the additional income that can be generated using our mail shot facility.

What is a 'Forever' licence?

A 'forever' licence means you can install TRADESBase onto your PC and use forever on that PC. There are no additional fees, charges, time restraints or contracts. In addition you have the benefit that if you need to move TRADESBase onto a different PC at some time in the future then you don't need to pay for another licence again - When you come to move TRADESBase to another PC then it comes with its own Transfer Utitlity - this means that you can transfer the licence from one PC to another. This is an easy feature that you can use without any assistance from us.

What paper do I need to print invoices on?

TRADESBase is designed to use either blank A4 or Letter size paper. You can use any printer using these sizes provided it will print onto A4 or Letter size. This includes dot matrix (impact printers) provided they will print out A4 or Letter size.

What options have I got for printing invoices? (shown as a jpg file for display)

There are several options for printing invoices:

1. Using our 'system headings'. This allows you to use blank paper with your company details printed in the top right hand corner of the invoice. This prints in black. This is the most popular option.

Print Option 1

2. Use your own header graphic. You can create your own header and insert this into the system. When using this invoice design please ensure that within your logo you insert your company address and phone numbers. This will print a colour logo (if you have a colour printer).

Print Option 2

3. We have left the first 2.5" free at the top of an A4 page for your own preprinted letter head. Nothing on this first page is printed in this area.

Print Option 3

When you print each invoice you can choose which of the above options to use. You do not need to make a 'one off' decision that cannot be changed later

Can I connect to my work computer from home?

Yes you can by using a great web based product called GoToMyPC.com. We are not resellers of this product but have used it ourselves over many years. If you have broadband at home and in your office then try it for a month free (they do take your credit card details first and its up to you to cancel if you don't want to use it after the first month). GoToMyPC lets you control your remote PC as if you were sitting at your work desk! You will see your own desktop appear in the browser on the PC you have logged in on (this means any computer in the world).

I need an invoicing and management system for cars and trucks.

We have a sister product called GARAGEBase Pro (www.garagebase.com) which is an invoicing and management system much in the same way that TRADESBase is but is more vehicle orientated. It has most of the features of TRADESBase - you can rename invoice categories and has a service history option. We also have Truckbase for commercial vehicles.