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Whats been happening in TRADESBase

October 2020

We have now released a Multi Branch version of TRADESBase Pro - you can now connect all your branches and share data. We have also provided the options to use Paragraph style text in both Estimates and Invoices - this means that if you need to write very long and detailed invoices recording the work you have done (example for restoration work etc) then you can choose to use this option. We have also added a wide screen montitor version - if you are still using a square screen don't worry you still have the option to use that version.

July 2018

We have introduced even more integration between our diary appointments system - and the email reminders. You can also now send an instant email reminder (without going thru MS Outlook) or SMS while your client is on the phone to you.

Oct 2016

TRADESBase Pro V6.1 now released with additional upgrades and new SMS features - updated service history with increased data available. A new diary appointments system with integrated SMS and email. Multi branch capabilities now allow for instant data available to other branches around the country or around the world (see here for more details).

April 2015

TRADESBase Lite has been released. This is a slimmed down version of TRADESBase with some of the features removed that not all businesses's will need. See the difference between versions.

March 2014

TRADESBase V5.0 has the appointments diary now incorporated with the job sheets so you make an appointment and job sheet at the same time. Added benefits also are that you can send an SMS reminder whilst in the appointments screen - this looks great as you can do this while you are on the phone to your customer. Of course to use any of the SMS (text) features you will need an internet connection on your PC. In response to our customers we have integrated the SMS features into even more areas of the program. However as always if you don't want to use the SMS features - just ignore them.

May 2012

TRADESBase V5.0 now released which is compatible with the latest Windows operating system - Window 7 TRADESBase V5.0 will also work just as well on Windows XP (Service pack 2 or 3) and Windows Vista. Graphs have now been added + SMS text messaging data transfer. Improved business analysis and aged debt list improved.

April 2011

TRADESBase V4.2 it now comes with a purchase ledger and VAT Manager. Logging suppliers invoices with supplier account information. Change invoice categories to suit your business needs.

April 2010

TRADESBase V4.1 is updated and the Equipment Manager is added. This now allows the logging and transfer of equipment and users.

Jan 2009

TRADESBase V3.1 is launched to replace FLEXIBase (free data transfer for all existing FLEXIBase users).