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Customer Details
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Locate any customer by:

Name, Postcode, or any line of their address. Fast, easy entry of your customer details.

Enter their details once and you then have access to any customers records within seconds. Enter addresses, multiple email addresses, telephone numbers, agreed hourly rates etc. TRADESBase automatically updates each customers last invoice date plus chart / graph analysis for the last 12 months invoicing.

You can use the customer details screen to record as much or as little detail as you wish. There's a 'Quick note' area where you can record any special details or instructions you have from this customer. When your customer contacts you, within seconds you will have access to all the previous invoices, jobs etc - no more trying to rack your brain on 'what did you do - when did you do it - and how much did you do it for'


Labour rates and customer quick notes

You can give each customer an individual labour rate and any stock discount that you might want to offer. Both these can be adjusted at the point you create the invoice. You can make general notes on any customers specific requirements in the 'Quick notes' screen.

Invoice Details
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Find any invoice in under 5 seconds even if its 1 - 2 - 3 or more years ago.

Powerful easy to use invoicing automatically enters customers details. One button access to all your invoices for quick access to vital data. Displays stock supplied with optional price discount you might have given. One button access to all unpaid invoices. You can find any customers invoice within 5 seconds! You can rename the six invoice charge categories to suit your business, giving you even greater flexibility on how you use TRADESBase. The invoice categories that appear on your invoice screen also appear on your customers printed invoice.

In a couple of button clicks you can list all of your unpaid invoices and by how long they have remained unpaid. Its a simple straight forward screen that gives you the bottom line on 'who owes you and how much'.

Rename Invoice Categories:

You can rename all the invoice charge categories that will appear on your customers invoice to suit your business, once renamed these will then appear on your customers printed invoice. This gives you even greater flexibility on how you can use TRADESBase, and means that your invoice corresponds to the services your business provides.

For instance, a substantial amount of businesses now charge their customers a disposal charge or environmental charge on used materials. You can create a charge category to show this on your customers invoice. The ability to change these categories is a huge benefit to your business. The categories shown on our screen shot and training movies are the default entries - these can be changed as often as you like to reflect your business needs both now and in the future. You can change these categories as often as you need to.

Invoice drop Ins:

Using our 'Invoice drop ins' you can create 'Work done' and 'Advice' lines that can be added to your invoice simply by selecting the line and clicking - if you then need to, you can manually edit these descriptions. Using the invoice drop ins is a real time saver and you can create as many of them to reflect your business. The words 'Work done' and 'Advice' that appear on your invoice as headings can also be changed.

Estimates and QUICK Quote (not Lite)
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Professional looking Estimates can be created with minutes- providing all the information you need to provide your client / customer with. Estimates can be created and then converted to a PDF for emailing to your client. Heading wording can be edited within the Master set up to provide extra flexibility for your business requirements. Estimates can then be transferred into an invoice without having to re input any further information.

QUICK Quotes: These are a shortened Estimate and can provide a brief list of costing either for materials or for work done. QUICK Quotes can also be used as a 'point of sale' i.e. shop counter quote system - QUICK Quotes are not converted into an invoice.

Asset / Equipment Service History (Not lite)
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Do you need to log, monitor, and record service history for you or your customers equipment or Assets? You can set next service dates and send reminder letters. An example could be for engineers servicing gas boilers, such as when you next need to send an engineer out to service this equipment. Other uses include maintenance or service contracts on industrial equipment where different aspects of the service are chargeable to different companies.

If you need to log 'service details' and 'next service dates' and send service letters to users and owners then TRADESBase will do all this for you - and more. You can add one or more photos to each piece of equipment / Asset.

Stock - Materials used
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You can create your own stock catalogue and then use the full stock control system to monitor your stock control - or if you prefer you can just enter the stock names to create your own stock catalogue and not worry about stock control. Once you have entered your stock names you simply choose each part name from a drop down list, the price and any discount you want to offer is shown on the invoice. Using our stock control system you can account for every item placed onto your system and to what invoice is was allocated to.

Remember that you don't have to use the stock control part of TRADESBase if you prefer not to. Stock can also be added to the invoice as non stock items, in which case you enter the stock name as you want it to appear on the invoice. All prices of stock can be adjusted at the point of sale.

Diary with integrated SMS and Email (not lite)
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TRADESBase has a full appointments diary, allowing you to make appointment then with a click of a button send the customer a SMS and/or an email reminder. This can be done even while you are on the phone to your customer - providing an excellent professional image.

You can then go on to adding information about this booking in much more detail. From this you can create a Job sheet which will record if you want to send a SMS reminder for the appointment. You can create the time slots to suit your business. There is no limit to the number of your staff - bays - etc you can have appointments for.

Integrated SMS Messaging (via Bulk SMS)

In TRADESBase we have integrated SMS Text messaging into the system using one of the leading providers ( www.bulksms.com), costing approximately 6p per message to send to your customers mobile, its both easy to use, and sends an instant professional image. If you use TRADESBase and the incorporated diary system this now works 'hand in glove' with the job sheets allowing you not only to create an appointment and job sheet in one go, but also gives you the option to send a SMS message to your customer - even while you are on the phone. There is almost no setting up to do as the software is built into TRADESBase.

Stock Control

Enter all your stock or just your most popular ones. Once entered onto the system you can analyse each part sale and to what invoice it has been allocated ---automatically. If it's a non stock item you can enter the name as you wish together with quantities and any discounts you want to offer. Depending on how much of the system you want to use you can keep track of stock levels, re-orders and next delivery dates. You can enter a default buying in price and a default selling price - both of which can be altered at the point of sale. Allowing you to work out exact margins on your part sales.

Remember that you don't have to use the stock control part of TRADESBase if you don't want to. If you do the system will work out buying and selling margins on any of your products. If you sell tyres or a product that customers regular ring to do price comparison / checks then you will want to use our 'Price checker'.

Price Checker: This is an easy example of how the Price Checker works - we have used this only as an example: Enter your stock names for example: Pirelli 185/65/16 then add this to the category you will have created called '185/65/16', enter all the different brands that you sell in this size and add them all to this category, now all you have to do from the front screen is select '185/65/16' as the category you want to check - and all the tyre brands of that size will appear with price and stock cross check. The system will work with any type of stock.

Service Reminders (NOT Lite)

Create more business with our easy to use Mailshot system and SMS messaging for Service Reminders for your Assets. Create your letter without having to merge data with other applications, or if you prefer you can still merge data to Word. Or just send a SMS message to your customers mobile.

Asset / Equipment Details for Service Reminders

You can enter any piece of equipment onto your system and then record to which customer its being used by, with collection dates and times. This equipment can be permanently used by one customer, as an example: this could be home appliances such as gas boilers or industrial equipment such as plant machinery, fork lift trucks etc.

Equipment that is moved between customers can also be recorded on the system. A record of previous customers is kept with the equipment. The system records all service history and stock that have been used.

Export to Sage

If you have and are using Sage Line 50 you can export invoice data from TRADESBase Pro to Sage. This is done via a CSV file. You do not have to have Sage on your computer to do this, you can email or give the CSV file containing the data to the computer that has Sage on it.

Customer Accounts - Credit Control

Customers can be divided into groups - those that pay when they receive their goods or services that you provide or customers that you give credit to. The system allows you to create groups of customers with different credit levels and payment terms. TRADESBase comes with a 'Chase' system so you can very easily identify unpaid invoices etc. The system is designed to allow you to send either SMS, Email, or Letter 'Chase' messages out ling amount owed or even the outstanding balance of an invoice.

Payment History

You can easily store all the details your business needs for payments that you have received from your customers. Payments are allocated to invoices that you have raised together with the type of payment and banking dates etc. You can create as many forms of payment that your business uses.